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We Provide Professional & Compassionate Support
to Senior Living Long-Term Care Facilities


Our Values

We believe in providing a residential setting that encourages each resident’s fullest potential for independence, while making services available which enhance their capabilities, interests, and their ability to age graciously in a home-like setting.

We believe in providing residents ample opportunities to make new friends and pursue interests.

We also believe that our residents, represent an unlimited reservoir of talents, skills, knowledge, experience and goodwill and to give them the best quality of life they deserve.

Our Vision

Through a collaborative leadership effort and an undeviating commitment to people, Compassion Health Services will provide a superior experience of compassion for our Residents and their families, leadership to our Associates, and good financial stewardship for our Property Owners. We at Compassion Health Services, believe in customized property management, not a “cookie cutter” approach.

Our Mission

The Mission of Compassion Health Services is to take care of those for whom we have responsibility, and to create extraordinary value for the residents, families, employees, and financial partners of the senior living communities with whom we interact.

Our Passion

Compassion Health Services has a highly experienced leadership team committed to setting the industry standard for excellence in senior living. We understand that as a pure fee based manager our success depends on the satisfaction of our clients. Delivering management services in this manner is much different from most companies that operate their own communities and offer management services “on the side”. It requires exactly what the Compassion platform delivers to you: deep knowledge, understanding, flexibility and above all the ability to drive top performance.

Compassion Health Services provides senior living management and consulting services to a growing portfolio of senior living communities. We deliver consulting services to parties seeking to acquire senior living communities as well as to developers seeking expert operational and program design and analysis. We also provide direct consulting services including accounting and payroll, quality assurance, human resources and various other “back of the house” services required by our clients.

The Compassion Health Services team is your best choice for evaluating possible acquisition targets, developing new product, and managing your senior living community. Compassion continues to bring tremendous value to its clients.

We long-term care management team at Compassion Health Services recognizes that leadership by example is crucial to the success of the company. We strive to create a culture of caring accountability for its associates. The corporate team provides support to their associates to facilitate service par excellence to its residents. Ultimately the success of any senior living company depends upon the caliber of service that is provided by the associates to the residents.

The very high level of satisfaction of our associates results in low turnover, continuity and an ability to attract the best talent for your community. This will make a tremendous difference in the way your community performs, competes and delivers services to your residents.

Compassion Health Services is pleased to “lead the way” in this remarkable industry by providing experienced, caring, and ethical leadership in conjunction with consistent and profitable returns to its clients. Why not hire the best?
Please feel free to contact the Compassion Health Services team. We look forward to exploring ways in which Compassion can be of service to you.

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